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  • Eurotrash 

eurotrash2.jpg (78376 bytes)

eurotrash4.jpg (79154 bytes)

wanna have a close look 
at Tarkan's hypnotizing eyes?
watch this...


  • Şımarık (long version)
  • Salına Salına Sinsice

simarik3.jpg (60963 bytes)

salina_salina_sinsice3.jpg (70072 bytes)

  • Dön Bebeğim
  • Ikimizin Yerine

clip_don_bebegim_2.jpg (12615 bytes)

ikimizin_yerine7.jpg (61811 bytes)

A special thanks to Renske (The Netherlands) who provided me with these clips
(The video's might take a while to load, please take your time 
to browse through my site while you're waiting...)


  • Şeytan Azapta

Credit for this clip goes to the Turkish official site; the picture links to the clip on their site
(the clip may not be available at the time) 
  • Bu Gece (Kır Zincirlerini)
  • Ölürüm Sana

clip-bu-gece2.jpg (12594 bytes)

  •  Kış Güneşi

kis_gunesi4.jpg (27956 bytes)

The three last clips are linked to the Turkish site  
If you don't understand Turkish, follow these instructions  to load them:

1-Put a check beside "Ölürüm Sana"
2-Then press on "Listeye ekle" - a small blue window will appear
3-Then where you pressed on "Listeye ekle" press on the letter K
4-Put a check beside Kır Zincerlerini and Kış Güneşi
5-Press on "Listeye ekle" again the small blue window will appear and in it you will find both titles of the songs
6-Put a check beside each title of the song
7-Then press on the button "Dinle"

A media window will appear and you can see the video clips by pressing the "play" button.  Enjoy!

Thanks to Shyma from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, who told me about the clips and how to watch them 


You need RealPlayer to watch them.  If you don't have RealPlayer installed on your computer, you can download it for free by clicking the button below.

© Marleen 1999-2004