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May 25, 2003
I guess it´s about time for a new site update.  I´ve been keeping quiet for a long time, due to personal reasons, but still I´ve been following Tarkan in everythig he´s been up to, and I can promise you I´ll be back with a new site update very soon!

August 13, 2001
I added a page about the CD "Karma", with lyrics and some translations, and links to other items concerning the release.
August 1, 2001
Read the news about the release of "Karma".  The concert dates of the Turkish tour have been completed.
July 30, 2001
Check the latest news page! 

July 26, 2001
My page is updated with some news about the new single release! and the upcoming Turkey concerts!  I also added some gorgeous recent pictures!

June 15-17, 2001
The Index and Latest news page were updated due to the recent media attention concerning the nude pics that have been published.  There´s also a new Newsflash! regarding the subject, and a new Guestbook was created where you can all leave your messages to support Tarkan.
I added some very lovely pictures in the Tarkan2001 page.
I am very sorry to say that, where I published all my large pictures links, decided not to offer free homepages anymore.  As a result, most of the picture links do not work anymore.  I am working on it, but there are loads of links to be updates, so I´m afraid it´s gonna take a while.  I´m very sorry for the inconvenience.

May 19, 2001
Due to the release of the new single, the Index, Discography, Music, Buy online, Latest news and Kuzukuzu page were updated.  I also included an mp3 version of the song!
May 17, 2001
Tarkan´s new single KUZU KUZU has been released!  I added the lyrics and translation!

May 1, 2001
I´ve added about 30 pictures of Tarkan´s new look.  Have a look at them at Tarkan 2001.  I´ve added the results of the last Caption and added a new one.  Also the Latest news page has been updated.
April 29, 2001
Due to problems with the "Tarkanplace" URL (site was accidentally removed by Tripod - they promised to fix it but my site´s been gone for almost two months now) I moved my site to another Tripod URL:
I added a few things in the clipboard on the Home page.  More news and pictures will be available soon!

February 16, 2001
There hasn´t been much news lately.  Finally there´s another web update, with the news of Tarkan signing up with Pepsi.
December 25, 2000
Finally I have been able to publish my latest web updates.  There are still some things missing, but I hope to have them finished early January 2001.
October 7, 2000
Due to problems with the web space provider Tripod, I haven't been able to publish my latest web update so far.  Hopefully the problems will be solved soon.  There won't be a new Caption for this month, so you can still get your caption in.  
Read Tripod's reply about the errors: 

Please allow us to apologize for the current state that Tripod and our
customer service department are in.  Tripod has suffered many bugs and
outages over the past month.  When Tripod has continuous issues, we
receive email, so much at this point we are unable to sort out what is
still an issue and what has been resolved. 
We're pleased to say that Tripod has made a 3-week commitment to
stabilizing the site, fixing bugs and improving the level of customer

September 10, 2000
This site has been online for exactly one year now.  I've made quite a few changes... The Homepage has been changed quite a bit - I made a Tarkan Clipboard for the important events and the Site Map became more surveyable.  I added some new items: Credits - for all the people and media I owe, a Picture Gallery Overview, a new item with short Newsflashes.  Other new items are Concert dates, FAQ, and from now on you can send Tarkan Postcards to your friends!  For those of you who also have a Tarkan site, you will be pleased to find out I created a Tarkan Webring - so join the ring and boost up your traffic! 
For the older news, updates... I added News Archives, Update Archives... Furthermore you will find some minor changes in the navigational structure.
And oh yeah! don't forget to have a look at the August Captions - and get yours in for the September picture!
I hope you like the renewed site, thanks for everyone who visited over the past year, and please continue doing so!  I'll be back in a week or two with more updates, including many many pictures!

August 1, 2000
The results of the July Captions were added.  In the Tarkan&Fans section, there's a new item with Dani's Live Pictures!

July 26, 2000
During the last week, I made a major site update.  In the Video page, two video clips of the Eurotrash show (UK, broadcasted June 16th) have been added.  There are 4 new remixes of "Şımarık" to be found in the Music page.  And have a look at the new Pictures!  There are about 100 (!!!) of them, in the Early years section (set 3,4,5,6), the Time in between (set 6,7,8) and the Recent years (set 20,21).  All of them are postcard pictures.
My friend Ali and myself had another look at the English translations of the "Tarkan" CD.  They could use some polishing here and there and were completely revised.
The Latest news item is also updated. 

July 4, 2000
Have a look at the results of the Captions for the June picture. 

June 22, 2000
A few things were added in the Latest news item.  
June 10, 2000
A few things were added in the Latest news item.  Why don't you have a look at the Caption of the May picture.  Some minor changes were made to the Links-page.

May 28, 2000
Only one news items was added: The "Tarkan" CD has been released in the USA, and I am very proud to say that the translations in this site, which Ali, Alper and myself made are used in the booklet of this US release!
You can expect more news next week!
May 6, 2000
I added another video clip, "Kış Güneşi", a new Wallpaper, some News and Facts.  Also, for the Belgian and Dutch fans, all the Translations in Dutch of the song lyrics have been completed now.
I'm gonna take a three weeks vacation, but I'll be back in June with more news and updates! 
May 1, 2000
You can find a new article in the Interviews item, it was published in the Turkish magazine "She" in January and contains an interview with people who work with Tarkan and know him well, like his bodyguard, assistant, etc...
I also added an interview by Mexican MTV, including the answers as RealVideo files (linked to the MTV site).  For all the Mexican (and other Spanish speaking fans): we started a Spanish affiliation of our mailing list.  You can join it by going to the Mailing list page, just follow the instructions.
I added the Lyrics and translations in English of two less known Tarkan songs, including the New Year's song.  I will try to include RealAudio files of them in the near future.
I added some small items to the Links-page.  
Also, have a look at the Caption to last months picture.
Unfortunately, for personal reasons the sensual pictures have been removed.  

April 17, 2000
I made some minor corrections to all the lyrics and translations pages.

April 11, 2000
I added an article of the German Bravo magazine's last issue, about his military service.
As some of you might have noticed, some of the Istanbul pictures links from the thumbnails to the full size pictures didn't work properly.  I think I got them fixed now.

April 3, 2000
Some major updates this time.  Some news was added to the latest news page.  But the most important thing for me now is the translation of a Turkish magazine article (Aktüel).  It's a rather long article, but it's good and has some interesting facts in it.  A must for the real fan!  I also included Gabriel's report of Tarkan's visit to Mexico with pictures of his new hair cut.  Also new pictures of the postcard calendar and army pictures.  Also some new wallpapers were added.  And oh, yeah, don't forget to have a look at last months captions, and don't forget to send in your own for the new picture.  I tried to fix the video links, as the web server didn't let me link to the site I put them on, you'll be directed to a new web page.  The links should be working now, but unfortunately some people get net congestion and can't watch them.  I'm trying to solve it as soon as possible.  I also included another article about his military service, I'm still working on the translation, though. 
And as the site I talked to you about on March 15th has gone, I deleted the link to the petition.  Thanks for supporting me!

March 27, 2000
Have a look at the new sexy pictures!!!  Sexy?  Erotic, I mean.  They're so HOT! 
A member of our fan club, Ariel, made a lovely description of Tarkan, read about it...
I'm sorry to say that some of the video clips don't work, I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

March 15, 2000
I added some hot news from Tarkans visit to Mexico! (did you see his new hair cut in the home page?).  
In the links page I added the link to a anti-plagiarism site, where you can sign a petition.  Someone shamelessly copied whole pages from my site with my personal pictures.  When I asked this person to take the pictures off, she started threatening my life.  You can help me to stop her from these illegal practices by going to the page and sign the petition.  Thanks for your support! 

March 10, 2000
You can find 4 new Video clips in my site: "Şımarık", "Salına Salına Sinsice", "Dön Bebeğim" and "Ikimizin Yerine".  My Latest News page is updated with the news of his Mexico visit.
My new site has been on the Net for exactly half a year today.  I already got almost 20,000 visitors, this really exceeds my wildest dreams.  I want to thank all of you who supported me by messages in my guestbook or by e-mail.  All of your support really encourages me to make and keep this site a good place to be for all Tarkan fans from all around the world.  Thanks!!!

March 5, 2000
I added a link to two video clips: "Ölürüm Sana" and "Bu Gece".  Go to the Video item to watch them.
March 4, 2000
I added some News, and corrected some things in all the Song lyrics and translation pages.  A magazine article about Tarkan's military service was added, and a small picture of the article on the Home page.  And there are some new features in the Fun stuff page, some Tarkan wallpapers and a new item: Put a caption to this pic.  Check it out.


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