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Turkish newspapers

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Turkish newspaper articles January 15-16, 2000

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Radikal_1601_a2_small.jpg (12287 bytes)Radikal_1601_b_small.jpg (9456 bytes)
The most wonderful soldier 
is our soldier

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His fans saw him on his way


Star1601(1).jpg (28333 bytes)Star1601(2).jpg (9347 bytes)
Star1601(3).jpg (5923 bytes)Star1601(4).jpg (2414 bytes)
Şıkıdım sums
One Turk is worth the world, one Tarkan is worth exactly 26 paying soldiers... How?  Here, the most profitable paying soldiers bill

star1501.jpg (126028 bytes)

Army haircut


Milliyet1501(1).jpg (62411 bytes)Milliyet1501(2).jpg (101842 bytes)
Tarkan's European concert


Aksam1601(2).jpg (49174 bytes)
Goodbye "Şımarık"
(Are they trying to call Tarkan spoilt?)

Gunes1601.jpg (38743 bytes)
I've missed durum a lot


newspaper_2.jpg (37948 bytes)
Tarkan, who has returned to Turkey to begin his military service, got a haircut on stage
He sang for the earthquake victims

newspaper_3.jpg (30238 bytes)
Before the army, a last concert 
from Tarkan


Tarkan's "forgive me" concert


newspaper_5.jpg (30512 bytes)
 Haircut on stage

Hurriyet1601.jpg (31772 bytes)
 The greatest soldier is our soldier


Aksam1601(1).jpg (55537 bytes)
He ran to the meatball roaster
The concert was reported by foreign media
Tarkan and his dancers took the audience's breath away
The army haircut suits him well

newspaper1.jpg (33707 bytes)
newspaper2.jpg (19969 bytes)
The ardent wait is over and Tarkan finally returned home for his military service... but... he was kissed!
They used his brother as body double
A furor was lived
Tarkan was immediately taken headlong to the military office


Takvim1601(1).jpg (35395 bytes)Takvim1601(2).jpg (69684 bytes)
Wishing you a speedy discharge
Remaining outside of Turkey for 16 months, Tarkan, soon after his arrival, met with his fans at the concert given for the benefit 
of the earthquake victims
The music artist will enroll today at the Malatya branch


Asabi1601.jpg (94066 bytes)
Solution to the problem: Tarkan
Mrs. Neşe expended her longing with her son this way
All the girls are in love with him but... his one love is his mother
He enrolls today

newspaper_4.jpg (32786 bytes)
A furore was lived at the concert
They clawed for Tarkan!


newspaper_6.jpg (62984 bytes)
The durum was from the soldiers


Last tango from Tarkan

Credit goes to the Turkish newspaper Radikal, Akşam, Hürriyet, Milliyet, Güneş, 
Takvim, Star, Asabi and Türkiye of January 15 and 16, 2000. 
Ali Yıldırım, *Alper Çayhan

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