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The Istanbul concert 
January 14th, 2000


by Marleen, with the help of Ali and Yvonne 

View my Live Pictures  

Yep! I was there...
right in the front row!
(set 6-7-8)
  More pictures - by Yvonne
  tarkan2118.jpg (55428 bytes)
... she was there with me
Newspaper articles overview  
aksam.jpg (38416 bytes)
We bought 
heaps of newspapers
Hey! There's a picture of me!
  Look at the press pictures
  tarkan2031_small.jpg (2769 bytes)
There were a lot of 
wonderful pictures in the papers
(set 14-15)
Read the newspaper review  

Ali translated
some articles for me
... and hey! that's me again!
  Magazine article
Bravo - Germany
...I had a hard time 
translating this one
Read my report  
ticket_Istanbul.jpg (83139 bytes)  
Read more 
about the concert
  Magazine article
  tele_club_plus.jpg (28135 bytes)
Télé Club Plus - France
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