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Telephone call

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Tarkan tells the sad story behind his single
"Bu Gece" in a telephone call
(October, 1999)

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So, I'm gonna tell you about my new single a little bit, my single is called "Bu Gece".  But the original title was "Kir Zincirlerini", so, it's difficult, that's why we changed it to "Bu Gece".  "Bu Gece" means "tonight".  I wrote the song myself because the song is based on one of my past relationships.  And it is a romantic and actually a little sad story.  It was the last night with that person I was dating back then.  And... eh... it was the last night we were gonna spend together.  It was all about being open that last night, being really, really free that night, without playing games, without fooling each other, just telling the truth.  And basically yes, we made love, we made love like in a really, really innocent way, and I wrote a song after that night, which is "Bu Gece".  So, I hope you will like the song, it is a totally different beat, it's house, techno, but with some Turkish melodies in it.  I hope you like it, it's one of my favorite songs.
And by the way, I want to thank you all because you were so worried about me and my family back in Turkey, thank you, really, thank you.  But my family is OK, everybody's OK, my relatives, my brothers, my sisters, everybody's OK.
So, I wish my country the best about the earthquake and I will be there for them if they need anything.
Would you like to hear me singing a cappella "Bu Gece" a little bit?  I would love to sing it for you.
listen to it
(at the fanclub site: Update October 19)
(girls, prepare yourselves, it's really going to give you the quivers... ;-) )
*a special thanks to Mick for the recording of the call*

It goes like this.
I hope you liked it, and I hope you like the song.
I love you and I'll talk to you soon again, mmmwhahh...
*sends a big mark kiss*


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