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Soldier Tarkan...

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Tarkan disappeared after high walls.  But, be reassured, he just surrendered himself to the Malatya casern to fulfill his military service, before returning to civil life.

Télé Club Plus Magazine (France), February 2000


Finally, he gave in.  For almost a year, Tarkan stood up to the Turkish military authorities.  He refused to do his military service for pacifism reasons, and because he couldn't take the risk of disappearing 18 months while his career reached a high point. But the star could make a deal with the army.  Having been threatened with loosing his Turkish citizenship,  Tarkan preferred to do a two months military service.* Yes, Tarkan returned to his home land, taking the benefit of a new law concerning the military service.  Seems it has been voted for just for him, which easily could be.  From now on, every Turkish man who wants to escape his military service can do so by fulfilling his two months and paying for the other 16.  A bit of good luck for Tarkan, who finally at January 10th could set foot on Turkish soil again.
* his military service only lasted one month

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 First part: 
Tarkan made the audience dance with the help of his dancers

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  Second part: 
The soldier to be got an 
army haircut.  Tarkan wanted to celebrate the event with his fans 

Waited upon by a large crowd of fans, while forcing his way through the crowds, he was awaited by soldiers who immediately led him to the military authorities office, even before having the chance to hug his mom, who had missed him so much.
A tough moment for both of them, but it was worth it.  Not only had this development prevented him from loosing his Turkish citizenship, but it also permitted him to finally give a concert again in Istanbul, in front of a public that burst into tears.
The last concert before passing by the gates of the Malatya casern.  The evening of January 14th, Tarkan entered the stage surrounded by light with long hair.  Two hours later, after a short break, he reappeared supporting an army haircut.  
The next day, Tarkan said his fans and family goodbye... with a military salute.  Stand easy! soldier Tarkan, the whole world is waiting for you!!!

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Fans witnessed his metamorphosis.  He ended his concert with a hair cut!

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Télé Club Plus Magazine, February  2000.  Translated from French  by Marleen


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