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The Tarkan WebRing is a great way to find other Tarkan sites.  These sites are grouped in a Ring and linked together with a simple navigation bar so you can easily find what you are looking for.

The Tarkan WebRing is created and maintained by an individual web site owner called the RingMaster.  I (Marleen) am the RingMaster of this Tarkan WebRing, and I approve the sites that want to join. 
To join the Tarkan WebRing, go here and click the Join this Ring button in the right corner of the page.  Fill in the form that appears with the URL, title, and description of your site. Your application to join the Ring will be sent to me, I will either approve or deny your application. You will be notified of my decision via email.
If I accept your site in the Ring, you will be instructed how to install the Ring navigation bar onto your site.  Good luck!


This Tarkan webring is owned by Marleen.
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