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What makes Tarkan... Tarkan?
We all know his music is great.  But next to his unique music style, what makes Tarkan so special?  A small analysis...
His eyes
eyes7.jpg (5907 bytes)

eyes1.jpg (6962 bytes)

eyes6.jpg (5873 bytes)

eyes2.jpg (5596 bytes)

eyes5.jpg (6062 bytes)

eyes3.jpg (5748 bytes)

Tarkan has the most fascinating eyes.  Sometimes they seem brown, sometimes green.  Let's say they're light brown with a touch of green.  But no matter what color they are, they always seem to look right through you!
By the way, have you noticed the little scar next to his left eye and on his forehead?  So charming...

His smile

smile3.jpg (5528 bytes)

smile4.jpg (4712 bytes)

smile7.jpg (4969 bytes)

smile5.jpg (5371 bytes)

smile1.jpg (6680 bytes)

smile2.jpg (6855 bytes)

Tarkan has a wonderful smile, with beautiful white teeth.  
He wouldn't do bad in a tooth paste commercial ;-)

The beard
beard1.jpg (6423 bytes)

beard2.jpg (5571 bytes)

beard4.jpg (5306 bytes)

beard6.jpg (6383 bytes)

beard5.jpg (5890 bytes)

beard3.jpg (5168 bytes)

The little "goat's beard" is also typical for Tarkan.  It's really cool, and a bit naughty as well...

The kiss

kiss3.jpg (17512 bytes)

kiss6.jpg (17639 bytes)

kiss1.jpg (19406 bytes)

kiss2.jpg (19153 bytes)

kiss7.jpg (20592 bytes)

kiss4.jpg (13879 bytes)

Tarkan is always kissing.  He says it's a very Mediterranean, Turkish thing, and 
it became a tic when Şımarık became a big hit in Europe. 


Biting his lip

lip1.jpg (100907 bytes)

lip3.jpg (70708 bytes)

lip2.jpg (175515 bytes)

lip4.jpg (137624 bytes)

lip5.jpg (85858 bytes)

lip6.jpg (116602 bytes)

During performances he often bites his lip, sometimes it makes him  look a bit mean, sometimes it's charming and makes him seem a little "vulnerable"... 


His hands


tarkan475.jpg (180747 bytes)

tarkan466.jpg (171492 bytes)

tarkan467.jpg (173426 bytes)

tarkan468.jpg (170686 bytes)

tarkan471.jpg (178566 bytes)

Tarkan uses his hands a lot during performances and for photo shootings 

Steaming live performances!
Those who have already seen perform him live will agree with me: Tarkan is full of energy!  Sexy poses, great dancing, a lot of provocative moving with his hips, he's just great!
live1.jpg (17671 bytes)

live2.jpg (22048 bytes)

live3.jpg (17135 bytes)

live4.jpg (17386 bytes)

live5.jpg (20349 bytes)

live6.jpg (24480 bytes)


Trendy clothing
The tight black suit, the sunglasses, the tiger-coat, his shirt unbuttoned at the top and at the bottom (which reveals his belly-button)... sexy... ;-)

So, the eyes, smile, beard, the kissing, the sexy poses and the great live performances make Tarkan special, and together with his wonderful music it just makes him THE BEST!!!

© Marleen 1999-2004