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Television Interviews
Paul de Leeuw, Dutch Television, May 1999
World Music Awards, April 1999, speech and interview with Belgian Television
Football game Germany - Turkey, October 9, 1999 
MTV Mexico - Real Video interview - March 2000
Press articles
Hit magazine (Germany), July 1999 - My songs are love letters! 
Bravo magazine 1 (Germany), April 1999 - Tarkan's tough childhood 
Bravo magazine 2 (Germany), July 1999 - Tarkan is homesick!
Bravo magazine 3 (Germany), September 1999 - Tarkan's gonna be a soldier 
Aktüel (Turkey), January 2000 - Tarkan's private war
She (Turkey), January 2000 - Welcome back, Tarkan
Bravo magazine 4 (Germany), January, 2000 - Tarkan's metamorphosis - article about the Istanbul concert January 14th, 2000
News paper Radikal (Turkey), January 16, 1999 - The most wonderful soldier is our soldier - about the Istanbul concert January 14th, 2000
Turkish news papers - Several other news paper articles about the Istanbul concert January 14th, 2000 
(it's a big file, it might take a while to load, please be patient)
Télé Club Plus magazine (France), February 2000 - Tarkan in the army!  
Bravo magazine 5 (Germany), February 2000 - Tarkan stands to attention! - an article about his military service
Télé Club Plus magazine (France), March 2000 - About Tarkan's military service  
Bravo magazine 6 (Germany), April 2000 - I'm moving back to Europe - about his military service
German SWR3-site - about his youth and success: read the interview - listen to it
Telephone call
The sad story behind his single "Bu Gece", October 1999 - read it - listen to it


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