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Paul de Leeuw

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Tarkan performed "Şıkıdım" LIVE and afterwards had an interview with Paul de Leeuw (May, 1999).

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P: You look great, you're great... You know, we have a special guest here, she's a special deaf translator, and what she did with your song was amazing.
T: *laughs*
P: I'm not sure she translated your words, I think she was at her own flew.
T: How did she translate the "oynama Şıkıdım" part, I'm very curious, I didn't get to see it.

P: She did it not only with her hands, with her whole body she translated it.
T: *laughs* "Oynama Şıkıdım" *makes "Şıkıdım" movements*
P: How are you doing?
T: Great, it's great to be in Holland again...
P: But you must be in the army now, eh?
T: Oh, no... don't say that, no, I'm in the army here, in Europe...
P: Oh, yes? Which country?
T: ...almost... singing for different countries... my songs...

P: Oh, yes? Vera Lynn, do you know Vera Lynn?
T: no
P: sings "We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when" *strokes Tarkan on the shoulder* *sings something that is meant to be "Şıkıdım"*
T: *laughs and makes a "he's crazy" gesture*
P: Oh... you have so beautiful body *public is laughing*
T: *laughs again*
P: What is your secret?  Linera?  What's the secret of your body, is it working out, or it's all "pumpin', pumpin', pumpin'"?
T: It's working out...
P: Where do you work out? *to the public: I want a subscription"
T: *laughs* you're crazy...
P: I'm not crazy, I'm horny *public is laughing out loud* *Tarkan laughs*
See you next week in Israel?, you go to Jerusalem? (Eurovision Song Contest)
T: *is looking doubtful* Do you think so?  I'll be there?
P: room 55... *everyone's laughing*

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