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Man accused of stealing nude Tarkan pictures

Istanbul, Turkey - On Saturday, June 9th, the police detained a man who has been accused of stealing pictures who show Tarkan naked and then using them to try and blackmail him.

The pictures were stolen from Tarkan´s appartment when he was moving from one building to another in New York.  Süleyman Sahin has been accused of stealing the pictures and blackmailing him.  As Tarkan did not bow down to the blackmail of $250,000, Süleyman sold the pictures for $130,000 to the Turkish media, afther which they have published in various newspapers, websites, and were shown on TV.
One of the pictures shows Tarkan and an unidentified man sunbathing naked on a beach.  Another one shows Tarkan and a different man, both wearing swimming briefs, in an embrace.
The pictures have caused a shock in Turkey, as Tarkan has always insisted not to be gay.
source: cnn, various Turkish online magazines

For the past week, Tarkan has been targeted by the Turkish media.  He seems to have stated on Turkish TV to be bisexual.  As homosexuality/bisexuality isn´t commonly accepted in Turkey, Tarkan decided to leave the country.

I know that most fans will agree with me that, whatever Tarkan´s sexual preferences might be, it´s his own private life, and he should be able to live his life the way he wants.  No-one has the right to judge him,  no-one has the right to violate his privacy.  We all love him for his wonderful music and his great personality, and we will support him in whatever way he chooses to live his life. 
If you want to support Tarkan, you can leave him a message in the
Guestbook I created regarding this issue.  Let´s show him we love and support him, no matter what!
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