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- Tarkan about his new album
"I will come back like a bomb!"

tarkan_airport.jpg (53133 bytes)
Tarkan at Istanbul Airport 
when he was leaving for France
to complete his new album

Source: Turkish newspaper

Tarkan's Flown to France
For his new album's recordings, Tarkan has gone to Nice, in France
The well-known singer Tarkan, to complete the cuts for his new album, has flown to Nice, in France. Tarkan, speaking to reporters at Atatürk Airport, expressed how after his stay in Istanbul, he was now going to France for his new album's recordings, revealing that "In 2 months time I'll be returning with a great album. Having my recordings completed in France means that it will be easier to distribute my album in Europe", he said. Being shown special attention from his younger admirers, he gave out plenty of signatures and allowed photograph opportunities with his fans.

Source: on-line Turkish newspaper 13-08-2000
A special thanks to
Ali Yıldırım for providing me with the link and translation!
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