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Marleen's Story

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Marleen's Story
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After having spent some unforgettable (!) days in Istanbul, finally the moment arrived we had all been waiting for... The TARKAN concert!

ticket_Istanbul.jpg (78786 bytes)
The concert ticket

At 6.00pm Chris, Yvonne, Judith and me arrived at the concert hall, Mydonos Showland.  After having entered the front door, they kept us waiting until 8.30pm before we could enter the concert hall.

mydonos_showland.jpg (26163 bytes)
Chris, Judith and Yvonne at Mydonose Showland

As the moment of the opening of the concert arrived, the press gathered in front of the stage.  They took some pictures of the audience and interviewed them.  They even took a small interview of me! - they were really surprised to find people from Belgium (Chris and me) and Holland (Yvonne and Judith) coming all the way down to Turkey for a Tarkan concert.

marleen.jpg (31453 bytes)     marleen2.jpg (58940 bytes)
Pictures of me, with Yvonne and Chris
right behind me

Finally, at 9.30pm, accompanied by the sounds of "Yaylalar Yaylalar"*, the concert opened with "Unutmamalı" (Musn't be forgotten), dedicated to the earthquake victims.  In the background, images of the disaster area were shown on a large screen.  Tarkan, who was dressed completely in white - white suit, white tie and shoes (!) continued with "Bu Gece".  Four erotic female dancers accompanied him on stage.  Tarkan, under huge media attention, expressed he "still couldn't believe to be back in Turkey", and continued with singing "Kış Güneşi", "Salına Salına Sinsice" and again "Unutmamalı".**
A male and female dancer accompanied him again.
* Yaylalar Yaylalar is a song used as a chant by soldiers while in military training.
** I don't remember the exact play list of the songs, if anyone does, please fill me in on it.


TarkanIst5_small1.jpg (2136 bytes)
Tarkan dressed in white

TarkanIst11_small1.jpg (2825 bytes)
Tarkan sang most of his hits

After having changed the white jacket for a red shirt, he continued with many of his hits like "Beni Anlama" (while he was seated on a chair), "Dön Bebeğim", "Ikimizin Yerine" and "Şıkıdım".  Luckily for us the press, as they were blocking our view, had to leave the room after the first songs.
Fans greeted Tarkan with written placard such as "The greatest soldier is our soldier"* and "I came from Kocaeli**  for you".
* This is traditionally used like something of a calling mantra by the farewell crowd as the newly registered soldiers are sent off to camp
** Area hit by the earthquake
And then on to one of the high points of the show.  Tarkan came back in tight leather pants (yeah, that surely was a high point too... ;-) sexyyyy...) and a very typical Tarkan shirt with reflecting stripe.  To the sounds of "Şeytan Azapta", a running board lowered and Tarkan ran to the back of the bridge in order to sing a few song right in front of the seated audience, namely "Şeytan Azapta" and "Inci tanem".  Coming back towards the stage, fireworks erupted as Tarkan walked by.  Simply sensational! TarkanIst21_small.jpg (2792 bytes)
Sexy leather pants and shirt - definitely my favorite outfit of the evening!

TarkanIst17_small.jpg (3684 bytes)

TarkanIst24_small.jpg (2017 bytes)

After another change of wardrobe into gray pants and black glittering shirt, Tarkan continued singing "Vazgeçemem (Asla)" twice (one of my favorite songs), "Gitme", "Kimdi?", "Ölürüm Sana" and "Gül Döktüm Yollarına".  The dancers joined him again on stage, and unfortunately for us, the press also.
Leaving us to the alluric erotic moves of the dancers to the sound of "Şımarık", Tarkan perplexed the audience by reappearing having had an army haircut!  Talking about a surprise!  He wore the same gray pants and a white sleeveless shirt -very sexy again!- and sang "Şımarık" twice.

TarkanIst30_small1.jpg (2765 bytes)
Army haircut!

And so the concert came to an end, it was over so quickly - like all good things do!  We were left so aimlessly, not knowing where to go or what to do.
It took us so much trouble (and money!) to get over there in Istanbul, but it was certainly worth it.  I wouldn't have wanna missed it for the world!  The days we spent there were a once in a lifetime experience.   And this concert confirmed again what we had know all along: TARKAN IS THE BEST!!!  Hope it won't take us another 9 months to see him again!

Tarkan&Marleen.jpg (42489 bytes)         Tarkan&Marleen(2).jpg (87007 bytes)
These are a few pictures of Tarkan and me.
As you can see he looked simply stunning!
 How, when and where we met, and what we talked about is very personal to me and I would like 
to keep it to myself.  So, please, don't overload me with e-mails about it, okay?


Wanna know more about the concert?  Go to the 
Istanbul concert
page and choose your link.

A VERY special thanks to a VERY special man (you know who you 
are when you read it) for making this dream come true, THANKS AGAIN! 
and to Ali
Yıldırım for filling me in on the things I didn't quite understand.


© Marleen 1999-2004