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August 2, 2001


  • "KARMA" has been released!  For now, the album has only been released in Turkey.  The release for the European and (Latin) American market has been postponed until September-October.

  • Have a look at the Concert dates page for the Turkish concert tour dates. 


July 30, 2001


  • Today, Tarkanīs new album "Karma" is presented.  At 22.30 (Turkish Time, GMT+2) Tarkan will perform live from the club Laila, to publicise his new album.  The show will be broadcasted live on Kanal D (Turkish TV) and the Internet:


July 26, 2001


  • On July 30th, Tarkanīs long awaited new album, called KARMA, will be released in Turkey.  If you are not living in Turkey, and will not be able to buy the album, you can make a reservation of your copy on the French Amazon site at

  • Tarkan will give some concerts in Turkey during the month of August.  Check the concert dates page for more info!


June 17, 2001


  • Over the past week, there has been a lot of commotion in Turkey, concerning pictures of Tarkan which have been published by the media.  The pictures, which have been stolen from him while moving, showed Tarkan embracing another man.  Tarkan, who has always denied being gay, confirmed that the pictures are original, and there is no photomontage involved.  He added he doesnīt regret anything, and heīs not embarrassed of anything.  He also pointed out that itīs his life, and the only place he has to give an explanation is up there (looking towards the sky).  Tarkan also stated to leave Turkey and return to New York.
    Read more about it in the Newsflash!
    You can leave your messages to support Tarkan in this matter in the new Guestbook I created for this purpose.


May 17, 2001


  • The new single "Kuzu Kuzu" has been released!  Look at the kuzukuzu page for lyrics, translation and mp3 file!  Check the discography for tracklisting, check the link to buy the cd online.


Update May 1, 2001


  • Some months ago, Tarkan signed up a contract with Pepsi.  In February, a commercial has been shot in Australia, which is currently running on Turkish TV.  The Pepsi softdrink cans have Tarkanīs pictures on it.  Have a look at those pictures and Tarkanīs new image! 

  • The new single "Kuzu Kuzu" will be released in May.  Check this page for updates!


Update August 15, 2000


  • Tarkan returned to France on August 13th (Newsflash!), after having spent a few days in Egypt to record some session with an Egyptian ensemble and spending a few days in Istanbul for some more recording sessions.  While in Turkey, he bought the lyrics of a new song by the well-known Turkish lyricist Aysel Gürel, named "Yasaksız seviş", broadly translated "Make love without limits" - read more about it in the Newsflash!

  • His new Turkish album is said to be released November/December.

  • Tarkan has reached no.1 on the Venezuelan and Puerto Rican charts with "Şımarık"

  • The "Tarkan" album released in the USA reached sales figures of 50,000 - in Mexico 250,000 albums have been sold.

  • The "Tarkan" album has also been released in Japan.


Update July 20, 2000


  • Still no news on the release date of the new CD.  Tarkan is currently working on it in South-France, there will be some other recording sessions in Egypt and Turkey.  It will at least take another two months before the album gets released, probably even more...


Update June 22, 2000


  • At the moment, Tarkan is doing promotion in New York.  However, there's not going any promotion for the US market.  Several TV shows will be recorded to be broadcasted in Latin-American countries: Puerto Rico, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia, Argentina...
    Tarkan is not going to visit any of these countries, everything will be recorded in the studio in New York.

    • On June 22nd, there is going to be a LIVE CHAT at the Mexican website
      at 3 p.m. New York Time Zone (9 p.m. Central European Time Zone)


Update June 10, 2000


  • The new Turkish CD still hasn't been finished yet.  Tarkan will be working on it in New York this month.  It is unlikely to be released before August.

  • Despite of the rumors that Tarkan would be going back to Mexico or go to Brazil, he is NOT doing any promotion or concerts there before the album gets released.

  • There will be some promotion in the USA, though, as the "Tarkan" album has been released over there.  He will be doing some TV performances, press conference etc. in New York in a week or two.  No details are available just yet.  Keep checking for updates!


Update May 28, 2000


  • The "Tarkan" CD was released in the USA on May 16th.  It contains a booklet with English translations, which were taken from this site with my approval.


Update May 4, 2000


  • Tarkan is still working on his new Turkish album in New York.  It will probably be released in one or two months.

  • There are no concert dates available yet.  Before the release of the new album, no concert dates will be announced.

  • Tarkan is not going to Brazil in May.  The rumors that he might be coming back to Mexico before the summer are also not true!


Update April 4, 2000

  • Tarkan took Mexico by storm!
    Tarkan's visit to Mexico has been a big success.  Large crowds of fans showed up at each performance he made.  Tarkan told he might be coming back to Mexico for concerts this year, however, it is unlikely he will return before the summer.

  • Tarkan is currently staying in the USA, still working on his new Turkish album.  The album will probably be released in 2-3 months.

  • The release of the new CD will be followed by a tour, which will probably start in August with some concerts in Turkey, and later on a series of concerts in Europe.

  • He might be going to Brazil in May, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

  • In the March edition of the Turkish magazine "Amann", some very "revealing" pictures of Tarkan were published.  You can have a look at them elsewhere in this site.


Update March 15, 2000

  • Some updates on the Mexico news:

    • On Sunday, March 12th,  Tarkan did an autograph session in the CD store "Mixup".  About 1000 enthusiastic fans were hoping to catch a glimpse of him and get his autograph, unfortunately he could only stay for one hour and only 100 people were able to get one.  He had a new hair cut, his hair was dyed light brown.  To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the store, Tarkan was asked to blow out the candles and cut the cake.

    • Sunday evening he performed at Chapultepec, a park in Mexico city, and sang the three singles from his "Tarkan" album.

    • On Monday, he gave a press conference and received a Platinum disc for 150,000 copies of the "Tarkan" album sold in Mexico.

    • Then he took the plane to Acapulco where the show for Domingo Azteca was recorded.

    • On Tuesday, Tarkan went to the night club "Medusas", where he also performed his three single songs.


Update March 10, 2000


  • Tarkan in Mexico!
    Tarkan will be arriving in Mexico on March 11th.  He will be there until March 16th for promotion.  Most of his activities will take place in Mexico City:

    • He's going to be in a Music Show called "Domingo Azteca" (Azteca TV)

    • He will give a press conference

    • There's going to be an interview for the radio station Box 102FM

    • There will be a show party in the night club "Medusas".  Tickets can be ordered by calling the radio station 97.7FM

    • On Sunday 12th, he will give an autograph session in the CD store "Mixup" in Génova at 5pm.  You can check it out at 

Not all of these activities have been officially confirmed yet.  So, if you wanna go, be sure to check them out first.

  • Echo2000 Award:  Tarkan was nominated in the category "Best International Newcomer" in the German Echo2000 Award.  Unfortunately, he didn't win.  Bloodhound Gang got the prize.  More luck next time, Tarkan...


Update March 4, 2000

  • Tarkan has gone back to his home in New York last week.  He will continue working on his new album there.

  • Next week, Tarkan will go to Hamburg for the presentation of the MTV Awards.  The show will be broadcasted on March 10th (ARD, 8.15pm CET).

  • On March 11th, Tarkan will go to Mexico for a 4-5 days promotional tour.  He will give a press conference and will perform some other promotional activities.

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