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Tarkan LIVE in Holland 
     !!!  Concert Cancelled  !!!

Tickets will be refunded by bringing them back to your travel agent 
for more info, call 0031-73-627.36.00

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For more info, go to or


  !!! NEW !!!

TARKAN  - the Fragrance

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For more info, please visit

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About Tarkan      Picture Gallery     Lyrics&Translations Music&Video         Fun Stuff          
Biography: his life-story
Discography: about the CD's he made so far
Facts&Figures: every fact, every figure revealed...
Latest news: the hottest news facts!
Concert dates: where he will  be touring world-wide
Interviews: Magazine articles, TV/radio interviews (link to FunStuff section)
read the answers to the most frequently asked questions
Soon more pics will be added!
Tarkan 2001
year 2001 pics
Tarkan 2000:
year 2000 pics
My favorites:
a selection of my favorite Tarkan pictures
Tarkan Live!:
my personal Live pictures
The recent years:
pictures of the latest years
The time in between:
pics of about 7 years ago
The early years:
his early years in music
Gallery overview:
looking for a particular picture?  Find it in the gallery overview...
The Turkish lyrics and translations in English and Dutch of the following CD's:
Tarkan´s latest CD
CD released  in 2001
European/worldwide release
Ölürüm Sana:
his third album - Turkish release
his second CD
Yine Sensiz:
his first CD
less known Tarkan songs
Music: RealAudio/mp3 files of all his songs:
Singles: Şımarık
Bu Gece
CD's: Tarkan
Ölürüm Sana
Yine Sensiz

Video: RealVideo/Mediaplayer files of TV performances and video clips

Mailing list: join the mailing list and become member of the first Tarkan Internet Fan Club!
Chat room: meet other fans world-wide
Interviews: read, listen to or watch dozens of interviews (international magazines, TV, radio, telephone, chat)
Captions: put a caption to a funny Tarkan picture - monthly updates!
Tarkan&Fans: fans sharing their Tarkan experience
PC-stuff: brighten up your PC with Tarkan wallpapers, screensavers, etc...
Postcards: surprise your friends with a Tarkan postcard!
Song Poll: vote for your favorite Tarkan song!
Tarkan style: what makes Tarkan so unique?
Buy on-line: links to sites where you can buy Tarkan stuff
Links: links to the best Tarkan sites - Webring - Awards
Clipboard 2000-2001: all the important events of 2000-2001
Updates: find out about the recent web updates
everyone I owe
short TV or newspaper flashes
Website Archives:
things that are gone, but not forgotten
About the webmaster:
about me!

Tarkan Live !



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