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My songs are love letters!

He loves to sing about love.  But how romantic is Shooting-Star Tarkan really?  Hit! met the sympathetic singer for an interview...

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Hit Magazine (Germany), July 1999

Which feeling do you have when you're in love?
I feel like a bird, like I'd have wings and I could fly anywhere.  And of course I have butterflies in my stomach.  I only have to see the woman of my dreams for one second, and I know she's the one.  In comparison with her, everything seems worthless and unimportant.  May seem sentimental, but I'm a very romantic and sensible guy.
What's romantic in your opinion?
Well, there's a thousands possibilities.  But I always have one clear thing in my mind.  I imagine how I kneel for in the middle of the street in the rain and sing her a song.  That's the ultimate idea of romance for me.  But singing itself is also really touching.  That's a way to prove her that I love her.
The classical thing, giving flowers, is also okay.  However, I would never give a girl a giant bouquet of red roses.  Small, simple flowers can say so much more.  I hope the woman of my choice would like a bouquet of daisies, picked by me if possible.  I also believe the language of the eyes is very romantic.  One look can say so much more than a thousand words.
Do you love giving presents to the girl you love?
Yes, absolutely.  I let the girl, her charm and her radiation inspire me.  Therefore, I never take the risk giving the same present twice.  My presents are always exclusive.
Which are other ways you like to spoil your girlfriend?
When I'm sure she doesn't take advantage of me, and if I'm really in love with her, I'd do anything for her.  I would worship her.  When a woman captures my heart, she's like a queen to me.  I would throw my kingdom at her feet.  I would read her mind and give her anything she'd want.
Did you ever write a poem or a letter to the girl you loved?
Writing letters is not my strongest side.  I'd rather write a song.  My song lyrics are love letters in a way, aren't they?  Writing a good song is much more real to me than writing a poem.  Each of my songs is a proof of love to my fans.  For me, not only my songs, but every great song is in a way a love letter.

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Can you imagine dating a fan?
I have to admit I had a relationship with a fan once.  But that was a bad experience for me.  I was only 19, and I had no idea what consequences it could have to meet someone who worships you.  We dated a few times, and I believe she really liked me, not only the "showbiz-Tarkan".  But in the end I realized I was ruining her life.  Her whole room was covered with my posters.  Her whole life was about me.  I got afraid of this responsibility and ended the relationship.  But it was already too late.  She was totally hooked on my, she admired me so much as the "showbiz-Tarkan", she couldn't think of anything else.  She quit school and later her job.  Therefore I have sworn never to have a relationship with a fan again.
What would happen if you met a girl and she gave you her telephone number.  Will you call her?
Yeah, of course I will.  But, what should I tell her?  I would probably try to be funny, like: "I fell in love with you telephone number" or something like that.  But I would probably be too shy and would just say I would like to see her again and if she 'd want to go out with me.  But like a said: only if she's not a Tarkan-fan! 
Are you shy?
I used to be very shy.  But nowadays I see people from another point of view, and I'm more open.  Girls should also be more courageous, there would be much less misunderstanding.  I would say to all girls: have the nerve, take your chance, before it's too late! 
What's the first thing you look at with a girl?
What kind of question is that?  The eyes, of course.  The eyes are the mirror of the soul.  I look into her eyes and I can read her mind... 
What does the girl of your dreams look like?
I'm now 26, I've had my share of girlfriends and of course I've had my experiences.  It used to be very important how she looked.  But that's different now.  Nowadays it's her radiation and energy that's most important.  I've been with quite a few good-looking girls, but also with some that weren't that stunning.
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Do you think you will ever get married?
I can't answer that one.  I don't want to think about the future.  Always when I want to plan something in view of my emotional life, something else happens.  Now I try to enjoy the moment, the here and now.  I had one big love once.  When she moved to another country, we promised to wait for each other.  And then I came to the conclusion she's happily married.  Therefore I don't make any more plans. 

And what about children?
That's something else.  I would love to have at least four children one day.  Preferably a daughter first.  But not the first few years.
My carrier comes first now.
Is there something you would never do?
Difficult question.  I will probably never give up my career.  I worked too hard for it.  And music is my big love.

Hit Magazine, July 1999.  Translated from German by Marleen




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