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German radio

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Tarkan about his childhood in Germany...

I never left my room.  I just went to school, came back home and just spent the whole day in my room.  And then I met a girl and I adapted so quickly *laughs*.
About performing in Turkish clubs...
I did a big mistake, actually, because I didn't enjoy it at all.  I was singing to people who were drinking, getting drunk, you know...
About his first success...
It was an amateurish kind of organization, 'cause we all never expected people getting crazy... I liked it though... I loved it... it was like "Wow, all those people act crazy for ME"
About his success with Turkish community in Germany...
They feel closer I think, 'cause I went through everything they went through in Germany and I know how they feel.
About not fitting into German society...
That's why they're aggressive, that's why they're upset, 'cause they feel that they don't belong here, 'cause nobody makes them feel that way.
About his fans...
I want my fans to have fun with me, just have a good time...
About his examples in music...
James Brown... I love James Brown, the way he moves, the way he talks, the way he smiles... he's unbelievable.
About going into the record studio...
I like to be in the studio.  The moment I sing a new song, that's the most beautiful moment.  That's the best, it's like orgasm to me *laughs out loud*... it's the most beautiful feeling.
About his English album...
We're going to finish the songs, the recording sessions, and then, the year 2000, the Millennium, is going to be the year for me, I hope so...

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