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Gabriel's Story

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March 12th, 2000

I'm a 24 years old male and I'm a fan of Tarkan's music, since June 1999. Of course I was waiting for him to visit Mexico. I was really lucky today cause I met him. I went with my sister to Mixup Genova but didn't get a ticket to get his autograph.  It was full!!! Anyway I stayed inside just hoping to see him. Unfortunately the security guards started to ask everybody to remain outside of the store.  Luckily some of us could stay inside and pretty close to the desk where  Tarkan was signing.  

Mexico_gabriel1.jpg (38188 bytes)
Tarkan's autograph session at the Mixup store

When he arrived it was amazing the way everybody screamed, some girls were even crying. I took a lot of pictures of him. Tarkan was wearing jeans and a yellow sweatshirt, he dyed his hair light brown.  

Tarkan's new hair cut


gabriel1.jpg (3455 bytes)

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 gabriel4.jpg (24968 bytes) 

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I stayed there during all the autographs session waiting for a chance to get closer and say hello or get an autograph. After 1 and a half hour he had to leave so the security guards asked everybody to leave. Everybody but us. I guess they thought my sister and I were part of the store crew or reporters. Anyway we remained inside and then the store crew brought a big Pokémon cake to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Mixup.  

mexico6.jpg (28567 bytes)   
Tarkan blowing the candles
picture taken from

They asked Tarkan to cut it, blow the candles, etc. I took pictures of that just 1 m. away from him. After that I could even stretch his hand and say hello. Unfortunately I didn't get his autograph or a picture with him. It was fantastic to meet him anyway. He is a very charismatic guy. When he left the store I could heard everybody outside screaming and shouting. 
After that I heard that he was going to sing at Chapultepec (the biggest park in Mexico City) in a place named La Feria.  My sister and I decided to take a look. We were lucky again cause we got so see him again in his performance pretty close to the stage. This time he was wearing gray pants and a red shirt. Some people had been waiting for three or four hours to see him on stage. He didn't gave a concert properly because he comes just for a promotion tour, but he sang Şıkıdım first, Bu Gece and finally Şımarık. It wasn't enough of course but I was already happy with the Mixup experience so when I saw him singing and dancing live I was completely satisfied for the day. 

March 14th, 2000

Today I went to Medusas nightclub to see Tarkan. I didn't get a very nice place because it was completely full. Everything started at 17:00 h and there was a huge crowd outside. During one hour they played some music.  Later a Spanish duet named Vertigogo opened the show. Finally after a long waiting it was Tarkan's turn. Everybody was standing over the tables, fences or wherever they could to get the best look. Everything started with the video in a big screen of Tarkan's Şımarık in the World Music Awards. After the video the hysteria was phenomenal, everybody was screaming, singing, clapping, shouting TARKAN! TARKAN! TARKAN!, and finally he appeared from a bridge on the top of the building wearing dark gray pants and a white shirt.  Unfortunately he performed on a stage that was unreachable for any fan, cause it was too high. Of course everyone could see him. It was really wise cause girls and boys were just crazy at that moment. Or should I say, We were all crazy? Anyway, he sang Şıkıdım first just like the last time. After it, he said hello and you could've noticed that he was so happy and excited at the moment that he almost cried. He started by saying a "¡¡Que onda México!!", which is something like What's up Mexico! It's a very usual phrase among young people in Mexico, but of course he spoke in English to the crowd. He said that Mexico is such a beautiful country and that even when he has been to Europe, Asia and some places in America, he had never visited a place with people like Mexicans that like to have so much fun like him. Then he sang Bu Gece. Tarkan used all the lights and sound equipment of the nightclub but he brought some of his equipment. They used some laser to make images of kisses, the map of Turkey, camels, etc. Personally Bu Gece is one of my favorite songs so I enjoyed a lot that song. Then he finished with Şımarık and as you can imagine it was just astonishing.
I've been to many concerts in Mexico and other countries and I've never seen such a reaction of support and admiration towards an artist. I'm sure Tarkan was surprised as well. I guess he never imagined he was such an idol in a country as far from Turkey as Mexico. When he finished
Şımarık he said: "I hope I'll see you soon!". He sent kisses to everyone and he left. The party continued at the disco but some of us left as well. We were lucky again 'cause we saw him when he was leaving and everybody took pictures of him. He left in a white van. But it was like Mission Impossible cause there were so many girls surrounding the van that it took forever until Tarkan was finally able to leave. I saw him when he was in the van and I could see he was pretty worried about the fan's safety. He didn't stop sending kisses and letting everybody to take photos. Well this is a little bit of what happened just a few hours ago. I was lucky again and I met him! But you know, I won't be satisfied until I go to a complete Tarkan concert. 

gabriel6.jpg (26573 bytes)
Tarkan leaving Medusas

mexico7.jpg (42095 bytes)
picture published in the newspapers

Story and pictures by Gabriel (Mexico) (except pictures cake and newspaper)


© Marleen 1999-2004