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Football game

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October 9, 1999, there was a football game Germany - Turkey to qualify for the European championship next year.  Tarkan did an interview and sang his new single "Bu Gece" before the start of the match.  The German TV channel ZDF broadcasted it Live!

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Q: We have a big European megastar here, who is well known to thousands of you in the stadium and millions at home.  With me is Tarkan!
T: "Merhabalar!", Hello *smiles*
(Tarkan is interviewed in German and speaks Turkish himself.  His answers are simultaneously translated into German)
Q: Born in Germany in Alzey not far from Mainz, at the age of 13 went back to Turkey.  Why?
T: My family wanted to go back so I joined them.  And I'm very happy I got the chance to get to know Turkey. 
Q: He has a classical musical education and then suddenly became a rock and pop star.  Which was your greatest hit?
T: "kdm", I think that was my biggest hit, the first hit.
Q: The president of the German Football Association just donated 250.000 DM for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey.  I know you also contributed.  What exactly have you done?
T: I joined a campaign as a volunteer and I also donated.  I will always render assistance to the victims.
Q: You have thousands of friends here in the stadium...
(they both look at the enthusiastic crowd surrounding them)
...and there are millions of people watching you on TV.  
What are you gonna sing for us?
T: "Bu Gece"... tonight 
Q: "Tonight"... Tarkan!!!
*Tarkan's walking down the stadium, under big attention of the crowds and the press photographers, singing his newest single...*

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(After the songs has finished Tarkan says:)
T: Thank you very much!  Now I'm gonna watch the game with you.  I wish good luck to both the of teams, but WE should win, right!!
* sends a big kiss to the crowds and the camera...*
(By the way, the score was 0:0 ;-) )



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