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  • Tarkan's full name is Tarkan Tevetošlu
  • He was born on October 17, 1972
  • Tarkan is named after a Robin Hood-like comic book hero
  • Tarkan was born in Germany and lived there until the age of 14
  • Then he lived in Turkey for about 8 years
  • He is currently living in Manhattan (New York) in a luxurious loft
  • length: 1.74m
  • weight: 68kg (approximately)
  • eye color: green-brown
  • hair color: black
  • hobby's: music, painting, sports, literature, girls
  • examples in music: Prince, James Brown, Elvis, Stevie Wonder, Madonna
  • Like most Turkish people, Tarkan is a Muslim, but he doesn't live strictly by the rules of the Islam 
  • Tarkan's family
    • mother: Neže
      father: Ali (passed away in 1995)
      his mother got remarried to Seyhan
    • brothers:
      • Adnan (38)
      • Hakan (29)
    • sisters:
      • Nuray (35)
      • Gulay (36)
      • Handan (20)
  • His love-life:
    • He has had a few long-term relationships, but currently he would be single (?)
    • When he 's in love, he treats his girlfriend like a queen 
    • He would like to have four children one day
    • For the time being, music is his big love
  • He is currently recording new songs for new Turkish album
  • There are plans for an English album in the future
  • Tarkan fulfilled his one month military service from January 15th until February 14th, 2000 
  • A few years ago, Tarkan did the voice and a song of the Turkish version of the Disney movie "Hercules" 


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