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April, 2000

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  • "This new fabric softener does smell good but it really makes me itch" by Corinne, England
  • "And you thought that my only talents were singing and dancing, wait until you see this..." by Yolanda, Puerto Rico
  • "Did I forget to wash it or is it my deodorant?" by Laura, Mexico
  • "I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts!" by Noreen, USA
  • "I wonder where the heck that beaver sneaked away" by Maria, Sweden
March, 2000

  • "Next time, I will learn my lyrics by heart, or write them bigger on my wrist" by Ariel, USA
  • "Oh my God, I have to complete my military service yet! I totally forgot it..." by Sofia, Mexico
  • "Darn I forgot the next dance move.... oh well what do they know, as long as I look good, that's all that matters to them" by Noreen, USA

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