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Tarkan's metamorphosis
He sacrificed his hair for his home land

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After having stayed 16 months abroad, the Turkish pop star came back to his home land and enraptured the fans with a spectacular concert, before enrolling for military service.  Bravo had an exclusive interview with him...

Bravo Magazine (Germany), January 2000


Tarkan got an overwhelming acknowledgement in Turkey: 6000 enthusiastic fans were cheering at the superstar at his benefit performance in Mydonose Showland in Istanbul.  The profits of the concert, about 200.000 US$ are in favor of the earthquake victims. Tarkan dedicated his opening song "Unutmamalı" (Mustn't be forgotten) to them.  Next he sang all of his hits, and the show ended with an amazing apotheosis: Tarkan got an army haircut backstage!

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 Tarkan was accompanied by 
sexy dancers

The spectacular show was Tarkan's first concert since 16 months - Tarkan was prohibited to return to Turkey, as he refused to do his military service.  But everything is straightened out now: at December 7, 1999, Tarkan reported himself to the Turkish consulate in his place of residence New York, and he spent 7.500 US$ in favor of the earthquake victims. 
Nevertheless, Tarkan's arrival at Istanbul's Atatürk-Airport four days before the concert came as a shock for his mother Neţe. Immediately after landing, her youngest son was awaited at the gate by the military police and taken to the Istanbul town  district Bakirköy, where all the recruits of the region have to sign up.  Only an hour later, Tarkan could take  his mother, stepfather Seyhan, his sister Handan (21) and his brother Hakan (30) into his arms.
"Tarkan has been arrested!" stated the shocking headlines in some papers.  But the "custody" was just a formality.  
"Turkish law makes people registered in the birthplace of their father", says Tarkan, who as a Turkish citizen has a "Green Card".  "Also the birth certificates of the children are registered there, even when they are - like me - born in Germany.  As my fathers birthplace is at the Black Sea, the documents had to be transferred from there to Istanbul.  I have received the documents, that's all."

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Tarkan's face was beaming 
with happiness.  Fans wanted to 
hear the song "Vazgeçemem" twice

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Explosive highlight of the show: 
a running board lowered at "Şeytan
Azapta" (Devil in purgatory), and Tarkan danced in the light of the fireworks - real diabolical

Until the start of his military service at January 15, Tarkan stayed in the Conrad Hotel.  "I didn't want to bother my mother", he says Tarkan.  And excited he adds:  "At nights, I've been standing at my window for hours and hours and watched the illuminated city Istanbul.  I couldn't believe to be back home again."
The day after the concert, Tarkan started his four weeks military service in Malatya, in central Anatolia, 800 km from Istanbul.  Tarkan says cheerful:  "I will probably come with some new songs, when I'm making up my bed in the dormitory, clean the closet, or during military training."

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Tarkan is the best!  His fans had
to wait since August, 1998 for 
this spectacular show

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Bravo Magazine, January 2000.  Translated from German by Marleen


© Marleen 1999-2004